In the spirit of many traditional Canadian artists, I am a painter who is interested in creating a unique, contemporary expression of landscape and figurative painting. I am inspired by the sense of balance and design I discover in nature, and I am intrigued by nature’s seemingly infinite variety of lines, spaces, shapes and fractured colours.

My method is to take several photographs of a natural scene, after which I return to my studio to transform the scene into an abstracted composition. I want the viewer to be excited by the textures, colours and shapes in my paintings. To create varied surfaces – as in nature itself – I often use a mix of natural and man-made materials, including modelling paste, gels, silica sand, and photo and stencil inserts with acrylic or oil paint.

More than a love of colour and a passion for design, my paintings embrace a sense of spirituality. The concept of ‘flourishing’ and what it means to thrive in life is a prominent theme in my artwork.



• Graduate Certificate, Independent Studio Practice, Haliburton School of Art + Design, Fleming College, Peterborough, Canada, 2018
• Master of Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 1981
• Bachelor of Education, Toronto Teacher Education College, Toronto, Canada, 1977
• Bachelor of Arts, York University, Toronto, Canada, 1976

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

•’The Gift of Art’ Exhibit and Sale, Toronto, Canada, November 2019
• The Artist Project-Toronto Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto, Canada, February 2020

Past Group Exhibitions

• Toronto West Art Tour Collective Show and Sale, 501 Alliance Avenue, June 2019
• ‘Winter Blues’, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke, ON, Feb.- March 2019
• The Artist Project-Toronto Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto, Canada, February 2019
• Spectrum Miami-Miami Art Week, Miami, Florida, USA, December 2018
• RAW Natural Born Artists Event, Toronto, Canada, November 2018
• Clio Art Fair for Independent Artists, New York, NY, USA, October 2018
• Independent Studio Practice’ Exhibition, Agnes Jamieson Gallery, August 2018, Minden, Canada
• ‘Colour’ Exhibition, Twist Gallery, July 2018, Toronto, Canada
• Toronto West Art Tour Collective Art Show and Sale, June 2018, Toronto, Canada
• ‘Colourful Energy’ Exhibition, Artusiasm Gallery, April 2018, Toronto, Canada
• The Artist Project-Contemporary Art Fair, February 2018, Toronto, Canada
• Canada 150 Show, Art Square Gallery, September 2017, Toronto, Canada
• Junction Solstice Art Market, June 2017, Toronto, Canada
• The Toronto West Art Collective Art Show and Sale, June 2017, Toronto, Canada
• St. Stephen’s Art Festival, February 2017, Coconut Grove, FL USA
• McMichael Canadian Art Collection—Autumn Art Sale, October 2016, Toronto, Canada
• Queen West Art Crawl, October 2016, Toronto, Canada
• Gallery Hittite Group Show, September 2016, Toronto, Canada
• ‘Amalgam’ Group Show – Skeir Gallery, September 2016, Toronto, Canada
• St. Stephen’s Art Festival, February 2016, Coconut Grove, FL USA
• Coral Gables Art Festival, January 2016, Coral Gables, FL USA

Past Solo Exhibitions

• Chic Place Show, March to October 2016, Miami Beach, FL USA


• Recipient of ‘Academic Excellence in a Program’ – Independent Studio Practice, Haliburton School of Art + Design, 2019


• Member of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
• Member of Toronto West Art Collective


David Tomlin is a Canadian artist who pursues his talent through painting and coursework at the Haliburton School of Art and Design (Ontario, Canada).  David was born in Kingston, Ontario and was an Ontario elementary school principal in Toronto until his retirement. David has developed his unique style over the course of 20 years of painting and learning. He has participated in numerous art and gallery shows and many of his paintings are in private collections in Ontario, Alberta, Florida, New York, France and Germany. David develops his paintings from his many on-location digital photos and works from his studios in Toronto, Ontario and Miami Beach, Florida.

David was first inspired by the work of impressionist painters who capture a feeling or experience of life as a visual impression by exploring the changing effects of light and colour on a subject. This style is reflected in many of David’s earlier paintings and it continues to influence his painting techniques.

As an artist interested in developing a uniquely Canadian body of work, David became drawn to landscape paintings which employ a different visual language to depict the wild and stark beauty of Canada’s landscapes.  Featuring abstracted shapes in vibrant colour, his paintings evoke the tension between the opposing forces of order and chaos found in nature. Each surreal landscape is created to evoke emotion and dialogue, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own experience of such an encounter.

David finds additional inspiration in the painting techniques of the First Nations artists, particularly those who explore humanity’s relationship to nature. Many of David’s latest works attempt to bridge these two artistic expressions to create his own unique interpretation of a landscape.  The resulting strain between these varied expressions of created order evoke the effects of humankind’s tendency to impose his will and control over nature to create a transformed reality. The results can display goodness, truth, and beauty or profoundly distort and debase creation in the service of the opposite.

What ultimately inspires David is his desire to visually express those moments which connect humanity with the divine, in all its variations. Each of his paintings expresses some aspect of David’s search for goodness, truth, and beauty in life. He approaches each painting as an opportunity to think, feel and create. His desire to integrate these artistic influences in his paintings continue to guide him in deepening and broadening his voice as a Canadian painter.

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