Les voiliers de Cancale

20″H x 16″W x 1.5″D  |  Acrylic on canvas with marker and resin (framed), ©2019

This painting is held in a private collection.

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Strange flight, the body
Held at a threshold
And never quite freed
Or quite revealed—
One wing taut with wind,
One wing concealed
Until the wind grows calm
And it shimmers in a shadow-world,
The shape of a sail, yet softer—
The drifting boat
A bird half in air,
Half in water.

Heather Allen, from Leaving a Shadow

In times gone by, Cancale was famous for its fishing fleet, Les Terre-Neuvas, who fished for cod in Newfoundland each year. Nowadays mention Cancale to a French person or a foodie and the instant response will be ‘oysters’; the magnificent molluscs have been cultivated in this attractive fishing village for hundreds of years. Courtesy of Brittany Tourism

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