Hortensias abstraits

10″H x 8″W x 1.5″D  |  Acrylic with wax and resin on wood panel (framed), ©2019

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Also known as bigleaf hydrangea or florist’s hydrangea, French hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is a deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub notable for its huge flower heads and preference for shade. A garden hydrangea is a woody, deciduous shrub measuring 5-6 feet or more tall by about as wide at maturity. Hydrangeas flower in late spring or early summer with long-lasting blooms that may last for five to nine weeks. French hydrangeas are unique in that their flower colour may be manipulated by changing the pH of the soil. Its large leaves, in shades of medium to dark matte green provide the background to the two different bloom forms: 1). Mophead or hortensia blooms, or 2). Lacecap blooms. Pink hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion. Blue hydrangeas symbolize frigidity and apology. White hydrangeas symbolize boasting or bragging. Purple hydrangeas symbolize a desire to deeply understand someone.

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