Glorious Gladiolus

36″H x 30″W x 2.0″D  |  Acrylic and marker with resin on canvas, ©2020

This painting is held in a private collection.

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Glorious Gladiolus

Glorious Gladiolus
Magic is in the air which you breathe,
O’ strange and lovely gladioli!
Your blade shaped leaves and tall spikes
Have caused you to be christened valiant ‘sword lily’.

Towering stately over other worthy neighbours,
You are a constant reminder of the strength of character over glory,
and the power of sincerity over artificiality.

Here are the charming salmon orange tones,
and there a glad pink dwarf stands
Why,look at the regal dew-adorned purple and the gay yellow,
Even while a red eyed white bride blushes quietly in the corner; sweet and mellow.
Every warm and passionate color,
Spreading the bewitching sheen of remembrance and love
And amongst its dazzling plethora of displays,
There are no ‘blues’ to talk of woes and melancholy days.

Offering the eye a visual cacophony of shapes and rainbows,
Representing the victorious gladiators who defeated all foes,
A jewel of this earth, August’s birthflower,
Charismatic, brilliant and beauteous
Oh! gladiolus, you are truly glorious!

Author Unknown

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