Quebec–Eglise Notre Dame des Pins by David Tomlin

Église Notre Dame des Pins, Québec

16″H x 16″W x 1.5″D  |  Acrylic with resin on canvas, ©2015

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Beside remembrance road, Up rugged steps, A little further on, A gate, And through, Along a flagstone path, Lined by sturdy trees, Now in their Autumn shades, And roundabout, Gravestones, with Epitaphs, Some hard to see, Of past loving thoughts, For those through time, That left this world behind, Gold heaped beds, crisp to foot, Lead on, and there, Within the filtering light, A door of timber, Wherein, such beauty, Prized eyes behold, And all about great calmness, Absorbs with Godly thoughts, Within this parish church, This Holy Ground.

Maxwell Dunlop

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