I Dream of Sailing in Central Park by David Tomlin

I Dream of Sailing in Central Park

30″H x 24″W x 1.0″D | Oil with resin on canvas (framed), ©2014

This painting is available for purchase!

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The racing, floating, building and displaying of model sailboats is one of the most quintessentially urban activities you can engage in while visiting Central Park. The model boats are raced and displayed at Conservatory Water, located near 72nd Street. This weekly event has appeared in countless television shows and movies, including Sex and the City, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Mirror Has Two Faces, and Stuart Little. It is easy to see why this pond is a favorite choice of filmmakers. The carved design of Conservatory Water capitalizes on the natural slope of the low-lying area of the park. The design is one of America’s most architecturally refined interpretations of similar ponds that have been traditional in Europe for centuries.

Excerpt from centralpark.com

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