Born of the Earth-Bound for Glory by David Tomlin

Born of the Earth–Bound for Glory

36″H x 40″W x 2.0″D  | Acrylic with resin on canvas (framed), ©2016

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This world is not my home
I’m here for a moment
It’s all I’ve ever known

But this world is not my home

The fight is not my own
These burdens aren’t my future
The empty tomb has shown
I am bound for glory

I am free because I’m bound
I am bound for heaven’s gate
Where my feet will stand on holy ground
I am bound for glory

Vertical Church Band – Excerpt from ‘Bound for Glory’

“This painting is a tribute to a young First Nations man I met in British Columbia. I was deeply touched by his sense of dignity and pride as he shared stories and dances which celebrated his culture. Each experience spoke of the deep sense of welcome, hospitality and friendship which was extended to any and all who visited his people. I thank him for reminding me that we are all ‘born of the earth and bound for glory’.”

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